Thursday, 29 May 2014

Skincare Staples

I don't like to spend loads on skincare. I'd much rather have an investment piece of makeup than expensive cleanser. I know there are plenty of people out there that do love to spend more money on their skincare and I should really invest more. A good friend of mine recently introduced me to a really great blog recently written by a dermatologist. Carolines cheat sheets are perfect for those of you starting out with skincare or even people like myself, who only do the bare minimum and are looking to up their game a little. 

I don't have particularly problematic skin, however I have noticed some dryness as of late around my nose and my concealer has begun to sink into fine lies under my eyes. I have been reading online and have come to the conclusion that I am in need of an eye cream, something I have never used before. Tanya Burr, a favourite blogger of mine, has recommended recently the Origins eye cream, however ranging from €32-55, this investment will require some serious thought on my part. If anyone has any recommendations or advice please let me know in the comments, on twitter or on facebook. 

At the moment I usually get up in the morning and give my face a wash after breakfast using Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean. I don't like to use a face cloth to wash my face with as I find they harbour germs, but I guess if you have the patience to wash and dry your cloth every day, go ahead! I use cotton pads which are relatively cheap and usually on offer in Boots. I'll usually apply a small amount of moisturiser and primer before going ahead and applying my makeup. 

At night I tend to have all days worth of makeup and general grime on my face so I enjoy washing my face before bed. 

If I was to choose my all time favourite cleanser it would have to be the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. It's leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. When used with a muslin cloth the steam really opens your pores and helps to clear your skin. All Liz Earle products have been manufactured using totally natural ingredients and are animal friendly. 
I also really love No.7s Melting Gel Cleanser. You only need a tiny amount and it changes to a liquid on your face and leaves my skin so super soft. I like to use it in the shower, despite Carolines advice that you should not get your face wet in the shower. It feels like a real luxury product to me, and at such a reasonable price it's a must-have. 
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a tendency to be extremely lazy, especially after a night out, and although I may not want to go the whole hog and wash my face, I couldn't sleep in my makeup. I like to use a cleansing water on those lazy nights. I find it especially important to start with an eye makeup remover like the No.7 one and to double cleanse when using a cleansing water in order to make sure I have all of my makeup off. I currently have the Garnier Micellar Water but it doesn't quite live up to my personal favourite, No7 Cleansing Water

After Cleansing I usually use the No.7 toner, although I should probably invest in an acid toner like Ren Clarifying toner or the Clarins exfoliating brightening toner as I have been consistently allergic to every facial exfoliating product I've ever tried. For skin like mine which burns easily and can become a little tight in the summer, I would recommend a spray like the La Roche Posay Thermal Water. It's refreshing although it doesn't really add any lasting moisture to the skin. 

I don't like to use a huge amount of moisturiser on my face as it can make it quite oily. I'm currently using the No.7 day cream for normal/dry skin but I don't love it and will probably look for something else when I finish the pot. Anyone with suggestions please let me know. 

I find the No.7 Spot Rescue serum to be very good. I'll apply a small amount on spots before I go to bed and they can disappear in a day or so. 

Do you have any products you swear by or do something differently? Let me know in the comments below. 

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