Friday, 21 March 2014

My favourite bloggers

I'm not sure exactly when my obsession with blogging and bloggers began, but I do know where it all began for me.

The very first blog I ever got into was JacksGap. For those of you who don't know Jack is a British University Student who began his own youtube channel documenting his Gap Year. He and his twin, Finn have become majorly successful and have even gone to third world countries with Comic Relief to help raise money and awareness. Although this may make them sound very serious, their videos are always lots of fun and they have collabbed with people like Sam Pepper, who appeared on Big Brother. Here is my favourite video from Jack and Finn:

After Jack and Finn, it wasn't long before I realised that there were a plethora of youtubers and bloggers who loved makeup as much as I do. I followed some of my favourite people from the blogging community on youtube long before I realised that they had blogs;
Zoella who is also on youtube, is best friends with Louise who also has a youtube channel, and both Zoe and Louise are friends with Tanya (again a youtuber), who's married to Jim, who's sister is samantha (a.k.a Pixiwoo), who created Real Techniques. So you can really see that the blogging world is just one large community of people who have something to say or share.

Now while Beauty and Fashion are my true interests, I also like to see other people's interests and learn new things. One of my favourites I have already mentioned in my DIY Kimono Post,  LaurDIY, her DIY projects are always beautiful and her fashion and makeup posts thrown in just make for the perfect blog.

Starting my own blog has really opened my eyes to some new and exciting blogs that I probably would never have found on my own.

StrikeAPose is a fashion and beauty blog set up by Mary and Rose. Mary has been particularly supportive of me since I started my own blog and she is genuinely talented. She recently made her first youtube video, which is well worth watching.

Lilly Pebbles is a new inspiration for me. Her style is so chilled and effortless, yet she always looks amazing.

Obviously there are many more blogs that I could and probably should mention so I will list all of the blogs that I subscribe to below. Please let me know if there are any blogs I've missed that you follow or if you have found a gem in this post.

Easy Access Beauty
Beyond Blush
Jia And The Stars
Liana Beauty
Lifes Lust Haves
Jacks Gap
Essie Button
Lily Pebbles
Ninas Bargain Beauty
So Sue Me
Jenna Marble
Tess Christine
Strike A Pose
Pointless Blog
Tanya Burr
Laur DIY
Marcus Butler
Joe Suggs
Sam Pepper
Josh Wade
Tyler Oakley
Vivianna Does Makeup

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